• Ellis D. Newkirk and PLATU: Revolutionizing Legal Advocacy at the University of Tulsa

    PLATU is a trailblazing law association at the University of Tulsa College of Law, revolutionizing legal advocacy. Led by Ellis D. Newkirk, PLATU aims to provide "feel-good" work for students interested in Plaintiffs and Civil Rights law. With a focus on justice, diversity, and community engagement, PLATU challenges the traditional narrative and strives to reshape legal education. Through direct engagement, cultural bridges, and personalized approaches, PLATU advocates for positive change, fostering diversity, and informing the community of their rights.

  • Artistic Odyssey: Skip Hill

      By: ASLUT Staff Writer Photographed by: Dustin LeFlore   In the intricate tapestry of the art world, Skip Hill emerges as a captivating storyte...
  • Human, Artist

    Trueson, an artist who grew up in the Unification Church, explores religious themes in his paintings and performances while challenging the traditions of his upbringing. Through his art, he seeks to fill the void left by the absence of belief and finds inspiration in the idea that art can be like a prayer.

    He embraces the concept of a disruptive force as a source of vitality and treats it almost like a religion. Trueson's work reflects a constant pursuit of creativity and a desire to keep the channel open for artistic expression.

  • Kelsey Davis: Blazing a New Trail

    Kelsey Davis, a black queer woman, is a trailblazer in the business world, reshaping the creative economy and creating pathways for underrepresented voices. Through CLLCTVE, a platform revolutionizing connections between creators and paid opportunities, Davis champions diversity and provides tangible opportunities for underrepresented voices to thrive. As an advocate for technology and a serial entrepreneur, she is dedicated to creating a more equitable future. She is a visionary leader, breaking barriers and building bridges to a more inclusive and diverse future.

  • CHICANOBABY: Weaving Chicano Culture Through Vinyl Figures

    Yoser's captivating journey from childhood fascination with graphic arts to prominent figure in vinyl doll art reflects the rich tapestry of Chicano culture. His distinctive style infuses Chicano aesthetics into various types of toys, extending beyond figurines to tattooing, painting, and airbrushing. With global recognition, Yoser's art bridges cultural elements, creating visually captivating narratives that challenge stereotypes and celebrate Chicano culture. Social media plays a pivotal role in elevating visibility, connecting him with a global audience and expanding the reach of his unique artistic project.
  • Matt the Person: How a Tulsa-born TikTok star crafted an online persona based on comedy, relatability

    Matt Taylor, also known as Matt the Person, is a TikTok star from Tulsa with over 6 million followers. They have turned social media into a successful career by creating relatable and comedic content. Matt's advice for aspiring creators is to stay persistent and consistent, even during tough times. They believe in sharing what you love until others notice and care about it too. Join Matt's journey and become part of the online community!
  • Topatío’s Vision: Redefining drag for inclusivity and diversity in the Midwest

    Topatío is a drag artist in Oklahoma City who is redefining drag with their over-the-top, colorful persona. Their unique look, inspired by their Latin heritage and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, features vibrant hues, exaggerated facial hair, and streetwear. Despite facing exclusion from the broader drag community, Topatío started their own drag show, providing a safe space for performers of all identities. They aim to create a sustainable and accepting queer community that pushes the boundaries of drag art.

  • Bring in the New Year with the "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures"

    Experience the enchanting and immersive "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures" on December 30th at the Shrine. Join visionary Amanda Fortner as she brings mystical creatures to life through captivating performances, stunning visuals, and a costume-friendly atmosphere. This unforgettable event celebrates local artists and offers a night of magic, artistry, and community spirit.
  • Damion Shade & The Boom Bap Chorus: A Powerful Musical Experience with a Purpose

    Experience the powerful and purposeful musical journey of Damion Shade & The Boom Bap Chorus. This Tulsa-based band brings an explosive energy to their performances, captivating audiences with their unique blend of genres.
  • NANDO: Rising Music Artist with Unique Style and Impressive Talent

    Discover Nando, a talented artist with a unique Y2K style and captivating voice. Based in Tulsa, he produces his music locally and is self-funded, allowing him the freedom to pursue his passion independently. With a solid foundation of work and a burning passion for music, Nando is ready to make chart-topping hits. Follow @itsnando_ on Instagram and find his music on Spotify.
  • With A Little Help From The Village Written

      Written by: Cole YearwoodPhotographed by: Alexxus Browning “It's like giving birth to something else and also yourself,” Lauren Doyle says about ...
  • heartspace: FEEL MORE

    Written by: Monica McCafferty  Photography by: Sergio Covarrubias “If you had a heartspace it would be red and pink,” says musician and photog...