• Spotlight on Tulsa Artist Alex Tamahn: Discovering Inspiration and Self-Discovery in Los Angeles Residency

    Meet Alex Tamahn (@alexandertamahn), a versatile Tulsa artist currently residing in Los Angeles. With an unbound creativity that stretches from murals to sculpture, Alex's work often sparks important conversations about social issues. A unique passion of his is pole dancing, a practice he discovered during the pandemic, that has inspired his utilitarian sculptures and formed a vital part of his physical and mental wellbeing. Follow his journey and stay tuned for his upcoming art display!
  • Spotlight on Rebekah Danae: Launching 'A Creative House' Residency Program for Tulsa Artists

    Artist and community organizer Rebekah Danae has launched "A Creative House," a residency program for Tulsa-based artists. In partnership with Donkey Bridge and Tulsa Creative Engine, the program provides eight artists with housing, travel, and a stipend. The artists will create and live in LA, showcasing their work there and in Tulsa. Rebekah's aim? To inspire experimental work and build international connections.
  • Carving Her Own Lane: OKC Artist Metra Diversifies the Scene With Her Bold Pop

    Carving Her Own Lane: OKC Artist Metra Diversifies the Scene With Her Bold Pop Written by: Everett McCabe(@thatoneguyeverett) Photography: Dencil...
  • Musician Aaron Newberry finds freedom and joy in ‘Kid Again’ project

    Musician Aaron Newberry finds freedom and joy in ‘Kid Again’ project Written by: Grace Wood (@grace_wood1) Photographed by: ASLUT Staff Photograph...
  • Not Another Machine: #jakeyjakeybigmistakeyy

    Jake Lynn, known as @jakeyjakeybigmistakeyy, is a professional drummer who has spent his life dedicated to music. He has played for various artists and bands, including Red Dirt icon Jason Boland. After years of touring and performing, Jake has decided to step away from Boland & The Stragglers to pursue new musical opportunities, hoping to continue pushing himself musically. Despite the uncertainty of his transition, Jake remains certain that music is his calling.

  • ASLUT Catches Up With DOMBRANCE

    DOMBRANCE will be at Cain’s Ballroom Saturday March 9th at 7 p.m. We conducted an inter view with him to chat about his latest works and navigating the electronic music industry. Loyal followers our brand can use code “ASLUT” to get discounted entry to the tickets show on Saturday for $11. Proceeds will benefit the Oklahoma Coalition for Responsible Justice. 
  • Remembering Nex Benedict: Understanding the Tragic Event and Its Aftermath

    Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary student, was involved in a physical altercation at Owasso High School, leading to their hospitalization. Despite initial reports suggesting Nex's death was due to injuries from the fight, the Owasso Police Department stated that Nex did not die as a result of trauma. The incident has sparked national attention and controversy, with LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups demanding justice. Amidst the frenzy, it is emphasized that Nex was a human who wanted to live authentically, and their memory is being honored with candlelight vigils.

  • Carrying the Torch: J. Monroe

    J. Monroe, Tulsa-born photographer known from Hulu's "Exposure," uses his art to highlight black beauty. His work, influenced by experiences in Atlanta and New York, is inspired by the Harlem Renaissance and aims to inspire future creatives.

  • Ellis D. Newkirk and PLATU: Revolutionizing Legal Advocacy at the University of Tulsa

    PLATU is a trailblazing law association at the University of Tulsa College of Law, revolutionizing legal advocacy. Led by Ellis D. Newkirk, PLATU aims to provide "feel-good" work for students interested in Plaintiffs and Civil Rights law. With a focus on justice, diversity, and community engagement, PLATU challenges the traditional narrative and strives to reshape legal education. Through direct engagement, cultural bridges, and personalized approaches, PLATU advocates for positive change, fostering diversity, and informing the community of their rights.

  • Artistic Odyssey: Skip Hill

      By: ASLUT Staff Writer Photographed by: Dustin LeFlore   In the intricate tapestry of the art world, Skip Hill emerges as a captivating storyte...
  • Human, Artist

    Trueson, an artist who grew up in the Unification Church, explores religious themes in his paintings and performances while challenging the traditions of his upbringing. Through his art, he seeks to fill the void left by the absence of belief and finds inspiration in the idea that art can be like a prayer.

    He embraces the concept of a disruptive force as a source of vitality and treats it almost like a religion. Trueson's work reflects a constant pursuit of creativity and a desire to keep the channel open for artistic expression.

  • Kelsey Davis: Blazing a New Trail

    Kelsey Davis, a black queer woman, is a trailblazer in the business world, reshaping the creative economy and creating pathways for underrepresented voices. Through CLLCTVE, a platform revolutionizing connections between creators and paid opportunities, Davis champions diversity and provides tangible opportunities for underrepresented voices to thrive. As an advocate for technology and a serial entrepreneur, she is dedicated to creating a more equitable future. She is a visionary leader, breaking barriers and building bridges to a more inclusive and diverse future.