1 ON 1’S W/ KK: Dadspecialfriend

Written by: Kidd Ketamine (@kidd_ketamine)
Photographed by: The Friend  (@nonbinaryangel)
Photographed by: Chandler Bado (@chandler_bado)

@Dadspecialfriend (DSF), a gender fluid passion project created by Tulsa native CelesteXXX and has arrived in NYC! Having moved from the city of sluts just last summer, DSF is lighting the city of New York on fire through her unique perspective on fashion, gender and community. Represented by Supreme Management NYC, Dadspecialfriend has been featured in campaigns for Apple, FRYPOWERS and Sirius XM, with spreads in Eazy Tiger Magazine and Mirror Mirror Magazine as well as a cover and spread with Rivet Magazine. While her time modeling has been extremely successful, DSF is continuing to push herself beyond that realm, filming a short called “The Client” for Galore Magazine and a feature in the hit series “And Just Like That..” for MAX. All this on top of hosting nightlife events and side hustles. It’s easy to see with her ever growing resumé, DSF is working her ass off to create something. I recently sat down with DSF backstage as she prepared to walk in the Vellum fashion show, to discuss her trajectory and how much fun she’s having at the end of the world. Here are some outtakes.

Kris Kidd (kk): Tell me about the inception of Dadspecialfriend?

Dadspecialfriend (DSF): Dadspecialfriend was co-created with Chance Watson, also from Tulsa. We really sat out to create art through fashion and storytelling. Edgy, queer, and aspirational. Always crashing the Cis-Tem. Chance is my chosen family for me– he saw something in me that, for a long time, I couldn’t see in myself. I miss our constant collaboration and wouldn’t be the person or artist I am without his presence and support.

kk: Tell me about your upcoming work with Vellum:

DSF: Vellum is my dear friend and roommate Miles’ collection. 14 looks, all latex; inspired by Medieval silhouettes. I’m both inspired and very involved in the kink scene here in New York so this collection is right up my alley. It’s so cool watching an idea come to life, they’ve worked so hard and I’m honored to be a part of the project. I’ll be walking and closing the show. The collection debuts tonight!!! @vellum.ltx on instagram.

kk: We all (hopefully) saw your feature for best photo by Tomer Katzav for Vogue.com. What do moments of hyper-visibility like that mean to you?

DSF: (laughs humbly) I’d be lying if I said hyper visibility isn’t important to me, cause it is. As a queer trans person from Oklahoma to be featured in publications like Vogue just feels so special. But in those moments I’m lucky to have the perspective to reflect on all the people that helped me get here. I’m nothing without my community.

kk: Gender identity and its expression are central to who you are. Would you like to share how you identify and share a little more about that?

DSF: This is surprisingly a hard question but I’ve stopped putting so much pressure on myself to figure that out. I’m a trans woman but it’s also never been that simple. I’ve recently started to allow myself to step outside the bounds of gender normality and play with gender fluidity. It’s been truly freeing.”

kk: You once mentioned being thrown into lots of activities as a kid? How has that served you recently?

DSF: Growing up I was pressured into every sport imaginable and never felt like I fit into that space. I thrived once I was able to involve myself in the arts. I loved choir and theater. It truly shaped the artist and person I am today. I later studied Musical Theatre at The American Musical and Dramatics conservatory here in New York. Regarding RedMilk, it’s been so fulfilling as a trans woman learning Muay Thai and doing combat training for the film. I’ve always associated fighting and exercise with Masculinity but since being brought into this project it’s completely changed my outlook on it. I feel so powerful throwing men around, it’s an amazing thing to feel strong.

kk: Tell me more about the short film you shot for Galore Magazine. What is it about? Where can I catch it?

DSF: It’s a fictional short film about a trans Sex Worker named Angel in New York in this love triangle with a crush and one of her clients. It’s a beautiful project and I’m so excited. It premieres in June. I don’t know the exact dates but it’s Galore Magazine’s pride month feature. I honestly need to figure out what look I’m gonna wear to the premiere, I’m thinking of just wearing black censor bars or something. I wanna give SEX.

kk: What are your hopes for the future?

DSF: My hopes for the future..hmmmm. To keep it as short as possible I’d love to expand my brand to more of a collective. Community is so important to me, I would love to represent a safe space for queer artists to create and collaborate. Looking for investors and other creators to help make this dream a reality.

kk: This has been lovely. So excited for your friend!

DSF: Love you mama!