Art House X: The Moment

Written by Monica McCafferty

When Rogelio Esperanza and Allison Ward started ‘Art House’ in 2019 to make friends and showcase their own art, the idea that just four years later they would be an official non-profit and hosting such a large-scale collaborative show was far from their mind. “We painted our living room and painted one of our bedrooms”, Allison tells ASLUT as she reminisces on their first show. Next month, the team will be hosting its 10th large-scale show, this time in a 22,000-square-foot warehouse in Tulsa’s Art District, just north of downtown. With 18+ artists, featuring performances and large interactive installations, the space will be transformed into a gallery of themes and textures that depict creativity forged from life in Oklahoma.

Artist Chris Vandy describes the theme of his installation as "Queer Midwest Futurism." One of the larger pieces for the show, his work will invite viewers to experience a visual illusion and an opportunity to reflect on the path they perceive is before or behind them.

In many ways, we are living within both u- and dystopic eternalism; our reality and creativity are heavily influenced by awareness of the future and past. However, journeying deeper into the present may be our most important voyage. Vital for this is the act of play.

Erin Owen specializes in human-sized interactive games and plans to showcase eight pieces for this show. In addition to encouraging play, these works carry symbolism related to natural disasters in the U.S. and Oklahoma. Although Erin’s art has grand aesthetic and symbolic value, so too is its purpose the playful immersion in a high-stakes game of ‘Jenga’ or getting lost in a ‘Scrabble’ dual.

A bittersweet embodiment will be further displayed in this space by Trueson Daugherty, who will be debuting a performance piece that offers a visceral release of costly cultural norms. “This is something that has cost me a lot; cost Oklahomans a lot”, says Trueson, eluding to the subject of his piece. This performance will be intensively lived, and Trueson invites emotions and dialogue to be inspired.

The newly formed Oklahoma Fashion Alliance (OFA) will also showcase an array of looks for the show. OFA founder, Parker D. Wayne speaks to fashion and runway as a way to meet the moment with bravery and confidence, “Runway and high fashion has traditionally been the pinnacle of beauty. We are getting to redefine that pinnacle in our own way, in an Oklahoma way. Imagine a confident Tulsa and the bravery that comes with that”.

Undoubtedly, this event will be significant for the artists, organizers, and for Tulsa. As we experience the construction and unfolding of art and community here, it’s times like this when it can all be felt at once - the excitement, inspiration, pleasure, and gratitude - of the moment.

Art House X, held at 117 W Cameron St, will be open to the public from 11 AM - 5 PM on Saturday, May 6th, and Sunday, May 7th. Saturday night at 8 PM is a ticketed event and will feature both Trueson and OFA’s performances, sets by DJ Foxy and Conman, and a dance party until 1:00 AM. Cash bar will be provided by Chimera.

Buy presale tickets by donating $50 from the link in bio @arthousetulsa or here - confirmation email will act as your ticket.