Ashnikko’s Alter Ego ‘Daisy’ and Her Latex Wardrobe

Ashnikko invites us into her galactic fantasy in her newest song Daisy, released in August. The self-proclaimed queen of Halloween does not disappoint in the costume category in the song’s accompanying music video. Featuring iconic looks resembling the Power Rangers as OnlyFans creators, this anthem gives the listener power and dominance as Ashnikko portrays a feminist vigilante. In a Genius interview, Ashnikko described her writing process, explaining that she creates a new character for each song. The character Daisy in this single is a “bad bitch.” Exemplary lines of her dominance include: “Fuck a princess, I’m a king” and “I’m crazy but you like that.”

Ashnikko, AKA Daisy’s, costuming in the video includes a quartet of rainbow latex. The music video’s setting alternates between four corresponding universes: a glass kingdom, a massive celestial daisy, a black lagoon, and a pepper themed amusement park ride. She reigns supreme in every dimension as the central figure, and we are blessed witnesses.

In the opening electric blue look, Ashnikko stunts in luminous bondage with her signature blue hair suspended around her on towering columns of reflective crystals. Cut to her second look — a Killer Bee bathing in space pollination. She wears bright black and yellow stripes and a wig to match. The silhouette is an open-chest, emoticon printed corset bordered entirely with silver spikes. Ashnikko pairs the piece with striped flare bottoms and inconceivable platforms that definitely push our five-foot-four star into the six-foot category.

The headwear in her third, all pink look revamps bulky headlamps into a chic cyborg accessory. With one eye wide open, Ashnikko swims in the pink incandescence of her wig and outfit. Bubbles and fairies swirl around her in this LazyTown galaxy look. Her fourth and final reveal, and my personal favorite, is a classic devil ensemble. This seamless piece comes with horns. Not on her head, but off her chest. She wears full length arm sleeves of the same brilliance as she rides a giant pepper through the galaxy.

Ashnikko’s character Daisy is my hero. Not only does she serve in absolutely every frame of this iconic video, but she delivers representation of an empowering dominatrix, a role scarcely played with such authenticity and zest. Daisy, as Ashnikko describes her, will “throat punch rapists,” including Donald Trump. If this feminist vigilante seems like a force you need in your life, check out this video and more by alt-star, Ashnikko.


by Brittany Swearingen