Benzo's "Ain't Mine" Valentine Single

Benzo and blackgmbit released Yellow Tooth Bastard in late 2020. Now they’re back with a Valentine’s day single “Ain’t Mine” with production help from Solbakk. 

Breaking away from his rap-based LP, this song features auto-tune singing.  “I used to hate the idea of me using auto-tune because of how’s become,” Benzo wrote in an email. “I’ve always tried to go against the grain, but recently I have been experimenting with singing and more auto-tune.”

The result is a track with a catchy chorus sung over a groovy beat: “I need a little weed just to get through the week/I’m feeling real fine when I’m drinkin’ on wine/I’d rather have you, but I know you ain’t mine.” This chorus leads into Benzo’s fervent flow. 

It’s fair to say that when Benzo is spitting his talents show best. He’s got a realness to his words, and he doesn’t shy away from the personal. 

“I’m writing from what I know and my experiences,” Benzo articulated. “Whether it be love, lust, or loss, I try to keep it as genuine and honest as I can.”

In this song, that candour turns to the theme of heartbreak, or rather, the act of distracting oneself from it. This single developed from a demo Benzo recorded in 2019, and it tells the story of several relationships all mashed into one.

In the past his music has dealt with failure and struggle. In his songs, Benzo explained, he’s able to reflect on these themes as they show up in his own life. “I want to celebrate my mistakes and failures,” he said. “We’re in a time where failure is taboo and so frowned upon that people don’t even give themselves a chance. I’ve had a lot of fuck ups but I’m still pushin to find my way.”

Benzo says he’s got more songs, but he’s keeping them in a metaphorical vault for a while. We can only hope for more of his patented sincerity on future releases. You can stream “Ain’t Mine” now on all platforms.