BRANJAE Returns with New EP "Intravibronic"

Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter, actress, and performer BRANJAE has released her latest EP, "Intravibronic," as part of her North American tour.

BRANJAE's music is a fusion of various genres, all encompassing BAM (Black American Music), with funky beats, invigorating mantras, and infectious rhythms. Her message of positivity, hope, empowerment, self-love, and healing resonates with audiences across the country and beyond. She has been previously featured in Billboard, AfroPunk, Rolling Stone, and Variance. Her hit single "Free Facts" was accompanied by a science fiction short film which earned acceptance into the prestigious Lift Off Global Network, captivating audiences across the globe.

"Intravibronic," as defined by BRANJAE herself, is an intentional control of personal internal vibe—a fusion of the prefix "intra-" meaning "within" and the root "vibronic" signifying the state of vibrating or relating to vibration.

This record message is one of power intended to uplift listeners, "I want them to feel empowered in themselves, it's just like an encouragement, to remind people that we are in control of our own vibration and how we want to feel about things regardless of what other people are doing or saying or what's happening in the world," she tells ASLUT.

The EP also includes a retro lyric book with in-depth lyrics, song meanings, film photography captured by Laura Webster, and daily affirmations for mind strengthening and mental clarity. Posters and additional merchandise are currently available, with the Intravibronic limited edition vinyl all items can be found in BRANJAE's Bandcamp merch store. 

The EP's single "Too Much" is an Electric-Funk, Synth-Pop lyrical provoking single geared toward self-empowering radical acceptance. The song encourages the listener to fully embrace themselves, set boundaries, and refuse to shrink down for anyone. The single takes inspiration from the groovy synths of the 1990s, blended with Nu Funk and a sprinkle of 1970s disco, creating a vibrant and light-hearted energy to counter the collective societal traumas. Produced by LRG, a key member of the underground collective "Soul Stars," which includes local musical talents like the soulful singer Madame Zeroni, the mesmerizing Emani, and the charismatic Hip Hop artist SIYLA.

"I've had people tell me you're too much," the artist tells us. "You know, you're too loud, you're too expressive, you're too creative, you're too black, you're too gay... like, what is this 'too much' stuff?" Upon deeper reflection on this "too much" narrative, BRANJAE had a profound takeaway that we could all apply to our lives: "If I'm too much, go find less. It's not in a negative way," she says. "Just go find what resonates with you because I'm not going to lower my vibration or change who I am to make you more comfortable because you're not comfortable with me." This message of living out-loud and not shrinking for anyone can be heard throughout the entire project.

BRANJAE's North American tour will take her to neighboring states, where she will partner with the non-profit organization Music Moves. This organization is dedicated to elevating Black American Music and artists through concert performances, education, and community initiatives. Within her own community, she connects resources through her business Powersource Productions, which has been the driving force behind BranjaeMusic's success. Stay tuned for upcoming live tour dates, to be announced soon.

If you're a fan of BAM or just great music, be sure to check out BRANJAE's latest EP, "Intravibronic". You can also catch one of her live performances near you by visiting Don't forget to support her musical craft at and stream her single "Too Much", available on all streaming platforms.