Bring in the New Year with the "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures"

Amanda Fortner, the visionary force behind "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures," provides insights into the enchanting spectacle that awaits attendees. Exploring the depths of imagination, the event is a New Year’s celebration of the mystical creatures residing within each of us.

"The concept is actually that I believe within all of us, we have a mystical creature," shares Amanda. "I have allowed my performers to choose their own journey on what they want to be for the show."

Immersive storytelling takes center stage as performers, adorned in meticulously crafted costumes, weave their unique tales. Amanda emphasizes the collaborative nature, explaining, "I gave them each a budget for costuming, and they have been sharing their concepts with me to ensure we are all on the same level."

The event promises an immersive experience, with decor reminiscent of a "mystical forest sprinkled with golden light." Projection mapping, a 3D Lotus stage design, and the creative touch of lighting expert Logan Sours guarantee a visual feast.

A diverse array of performers, from aerialists suspended among the crowd to fire benders showcasing mesmerizing dances with flames, promises a night of awe-inspiring acts.

"Our dancers range from gogo style to what I would call liquid fusion," Amanda reveals, hinting at the captivating blend of styles that will grace the stage.

Live painters, embroidery artists, and pyrographers contribute to the interactive atmosphere. Attendees can expect not just a visual feast but a dynamic and evolving artistic landscape.

The venue, Shrine, 112 E. 18th St, provides a canvas for transformation into a wonderland. Amanda shares, "It's a 300 capacity venue with great sound, offering us a blank slate to transform into our own wonderland."

The event encourages participation through a costume-friendly atmosphere. Although costumes aren't mandatory, the organizers highly encourage them, culminating in a costume contest with a coveted prize.

"We want to create the most immersive atmosphere possible," Amanda emphasizes, "and when our participants show up in costume, it makes it that much better."

As the event unfolds, Amanda promises a moment of remembrance for lost souls within the community. She shares, "Something that has been heavy on our hearts is that we have lost many beautiful souls over the last few years, and I have wanted to create something to bring those energies we have lost into the space with us."

The overarching message of "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures" is clear - a platform for local artists to express and thrive, creating unforgettable experiences for the community.

"We curate these events for our local artists of all kinds to have a platform to express themselves and thrive," Amanda tells ASLUT. "It is also our intention to bring more amazing experiences to our community that we hope will be unforgettable for a lifetime."

For those preparing to dive into this cosmic celebration, Amanda offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: "Show up fully for it and participate in the experience!"

As attendees don their intergalactic costumes and step into the mystical world crafted by Amanda Fortner, "Intergalactic Circus: Mystikal Kreatures" promises a night of magic, artistry, and community spirit.

The event will take place on December 30th at the Shrine located at 112 E 18th St. Tickets can be purchased on their website.