Charlotte Bumgarner's New Single "Honey Touch"

Listening to Charlotte Bumgarner’s music is like floating through a dream—the kind where muted colors meld together, you’re running in slow motion down a familiar road you’ve never been on, and some warm, unseen arms wrap themselves around you. It’s a sad dream sure, but for some reason you don’t want to wake up. 

Photos by Claire Gibson @claireggibson

At 19, Charlotte writes with the lyrical depth of someone who’s lived three of her lifespans. Her voice is equal parts haunting and enchanting as she croons across many modes of melancholy. 

“I think there are so many different types of sadness,” Charlotte said. “I definitely touch on a lot of them in my songs...I write about things to try and work them out in my head. So, some of them it's depression...sometimes it's a self-deprecating-sad, but I think it's usually just things that I find stunning or that catch my attention.” 

On Friday, December 11th, you can hear  “Honey Touch” the first of three singles in a series released in conjunction with Manor Records and Garden Kiln

The three new songs were recorded at Charlotte’s boyfriend, Drew Richardson’s house. Unlike the simple guitar and vocals of her previous self-recorded EP, “Night Blooming Flowers,” these singles will have drums and synths. Still, Charlotte said she didn’t want the sound to be too heavily produced.

“I don't want it to not sound like me,” She said.

This DIY ethos is big in the Tulsa arts and music scene.

“I never want to not be in a DIY scene,” Charlotte said, “I think it’s the most comforting place...everyone is so supportive and just excited to hear your music.” 

Despite the support, Charlotte says she’s still striving to see herself as a legitimate solo artist as distinct from the band she’s in, Graveyard Party

“I want people to have more respect for solo music, and just sad and vulnerable music in general” Charlotte said. She is definitely putting in the work to earn that respect. Until she feels it though, she’ll continue to make the music she wants with the people close to her.

“I just keep playing with music with my friends and just, hopefully, [I can] make myself feel like a more legit musician,” Charlotte said.

You can check out her very legit music on bandcamp by clicking here

Follow her on instagram @charlottebumgarner for more updates about her upcoming music.