Disc 2 & the Nightlife Atmosphere as Told by Caleb Eutsler

For producer and DJ Caleb Eutsler, most inspiration finds him between mixed drinks at a bar or under neon lights at a club.

“I get a lot of influence from nightlife and my own sexuality,” Eutsler said. “When something takes me out of sobriety mind, I get inspiration from that.”

Eutsler might excuse himself from the party to hum a beat into the voice memos on his phone in the restroom. The next day he sits in front of his computer and turns the hum into a drum beat. From there, his album, Disc 2, coalesced. 

Disc 2 consists of rich house and electronic beats with experimental dance influence. Eutsler shares production credit on Disc 2 with Tulsa DJ and producer, Darku, who has informed Eutsler’s music process, since the two met and worked at the dance club, St. Vitus, together, capturing and soaking in Tulsa’s emerging nightlife scene while trying to move it forward. 

According to Eutsler, he always wanted to make music, but wasn’t sure where to start. Through his friendship with Darku, he learned that the most important part of making music was simply sitting down at the computer and starting. Eutsler cites other artists such as Charli XCX, SOPHIE and Kaytranada as big influences on his production style.

Dic 2 premiered through Tulsa record label, U Don’t Dance.  While Eutsler encourages people to check out the record through the U Don’t Dance Bandcamp page in the safety of their own homes, he looks forward to the day he can DJ his own tracks for a live audience again. 

“I want my work to create atmospheres,” Eutsler said. “I want to give people an escape from reality.”

Feeling an inherent need to create throughout his adult life, Eutsler has extensive experience in photography and other visual art that he hopes to one day merge with his burgeoning music career. To Eutsler, this merge could take many forms from DJing clubs to hosting mixed-media exhibits he curates himself. 

In his new home in LA, Eutsler got a taste of creating these atmospheres for people the day the media called the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden. Upon hearing the news of Trump’s defeat, Eutsler, joined by another DJ friend, set up an outdoor sound system near a restaurant and began playing music. People joined and danced with each other, but at a safe distance. 

“It feels so good to get a crowd to move again,” Eutsler said of the experience. “It gave me some serotonin.”

Though he lives in LA, Eutsler still feels tied to Tulsa and collaborators in the city. As he grows in his art, Eutsler knows he wants to experience as many different influences in as many locations as possible, but eventually hopes to come back to Tulsa and further grow the music and nightlife scene here for the city’s future creators. 

“Some days my vision just feels so clear,” Eutsler said. “But right now I’m young as fuck, and I just want to keep moving and creating.” 

Disc 2 is available for purchase on Bandcamp and available to stream on all major platforms on Nov. 27. Connect with Caleb Eutsler on instagram @caleb1000000.