Graffiti artist Lucas Wisner, stylized SACUL RENSIW, jumps freely from medium to medium, covering everything from large-scale murals to furniture to tattoos with his signature geometric shapes and fading color scales. He recently sat down with ASLUT to design a few painted shirts for a give away. "I actually started by painting t-shirts," Wisner said. "I was twelve. I would paint them with spray paint I found in my parents garage and sold them at school.."

Growing up, Wisner always found images of graffiti fascinating. And the illegal art form lined up with Wisner's rebellious nature. The often-grounded son of a drill sergeant and a teacher, Wisner always knew he wanted to disrupt with his art. Wisner was even kicked out of his junior high art class for not following the directions from an instructional video.

"They brought me to the principal because I made a splatter painting of a sailboat rather than listening to the guy on the video." Wisner said. "It was dripping everywhere. They thought I was just fucking around. I thought it looked sick."

Wisner found more fredom in his high school art classes, where he was able to explore his personal aesthetic. Ever since, Wisner has been playing with shape and shading to create 3D-style images with depth and hypnotizing color. He taught himself how to make images pop off of flat surfaces using straight lines. And since spray paint comes pre-mixed, Wisner has also learned how to match color palettes to get the desired effects on a mural or a t-shirt design.

"It's all habit," Wisner said. "I've mostly learned by doing. I could spray paint all day." Born in Missouri, Wisner moved to Tulsa in order to build a career with his art. After trying to make his way in other art scenes across state lines, Wisner found stability in Tulsa's support for local artists over big international names.

"It's easier to sell art in Tulsa," Wisner said. "People in Tulsa know that the local stuff not everyone sees is what's actually good."



For commissions or to purchase art visit @sacul.rensiw on Instagram or email sacul.rensiw@gmail.com.