by Diem Meador

Twenty-five countries.  Twelve years.  One man.  One camera (Ok more than one, but you get my point right?).  

Hundreds of people.  Hundreds of rolls of film.  Thousands of photos.  

The belief that everyday is the best day of someone’s life and everyday is the worst day of someone’s life.  

After wandering this planet we call home, Matthew Phipps ( @matthewphippsfoto ) has momentarily brought the chance to explore this notion back to Tulsa at the Center For Public Secrets.  

Across cities, countries, and continents the human experience remains constant.   And while we’re connected to those across the world in a way we have never been, it’s still simple to file away another photo from socials or some site.  Having the chance to experience these very real, very visceral photos in a gallery is unlike anything we can experience in the digital realm.   

Passionate, perhaps even obsessive,  people like Matthew are hard to find but extremely easy to spot.  Interspersed throughout our conversation were indications of a man looking for a perfect shot that brings to light the mundane excitement of the human condition.  With two cameras around his neck that he carries everywhere, it’s the perfect lighting and shot he looks for.  

“I’ve often missed out on appointments, and even dates, because the light was just too right and things were happening, so I had to take photos,”   Matthew said. 

The perfect photo has, many times, been Matthew’s singular obsession. He has journeyed far and wide to capture it, and now he gives us the opportunity to look over his shoulder and see if, in our own opinion, he found it.  If not, you’ll still be moved.  You’ll still be nourished in your soul by  gathering context for the beauty he has collected for us to see.  

Join Matthew for the gallery opening and artist talk Friday, May 6 at 7 p.m. at Center For Public Secrets. 

It Go Down,