By Cole Yearwood

GRRTSTOCK started as a joke a couple years ago for Grrt, a young Green Country photographer and creative. Then about 19 weeks ago, with the “joke” still on his mind, Grrt posted a poll, not a punchline, to his IG story. 

People weren’t laughing, they were seriously interested. 

“All the people who were ready to help and be a part of it is what motivated me to really push forward and go through with it”, Grrt said. 

Now GRRTSTOCK is kicking off at 5 p.m. on Oct. 1 at Four.Seven.Three. in Kendall-Whittier. 

GRRTSTOCK is going to be exactly the kind of event Grrt would want to go to himself–a curated collection of artists to spotlight. 

“I see GRRTSTOCK as a platform for other artists to showcase their work,” Grrt said. “An event the community can come together, and appreciate art and music.”

With three visual artists, including Kodone, doing live paintings from 5-8 P.M., and seven musical performances from 8-11 P.M., there will be no shortage of creatives to support at this free event. 

Supporting artists is what he’s looking forward to the most. 


 All the artists that are coming out have been the biggest help 100%,” Grrt said. “Without them none of this could happen and I'm beyond thankful.”

GRRTSTOCK is entering the mix of new and established events in Tulsa putting local art at the forefront. Dreamland Festival, the rebranded World Culture Music Fest, even gave space for Grrt and co. to preview their showcase in September. 

“GRRTSTOCK is my first ever event, so getting a feel for everything before the first was a great help,” Grrt said. “We had a lot of people come out and show love pretty much all day.”

If the night goes well, it won’t be the last.

“I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy the night,” Grrt said. “Maybe even do something in another city and bring some local artists next time around.”

GRRTSTOCK will be Oct. 1 from 5-11 P.M. The event is free to enter, but is 21+ only. Four. Seven. Three. is located at 2224 E Admiral Blvd. in Tulsa, Okla.