Trent Martin, Sharpside Barbershop owner, has spent his lifetime in Tulsa. On Friday, Oct. 14, he’s creating “HEAVEN AND HELL” in his hometown at Queen Rose Art House, “a social, but critical art space.”

This cultural showcase will be Martin’s 10th event presented by Sharpside. Seven of those were “SHARPSIDE SUNDAYS,” gatherings held outside his barshop looking down 11th St, America’s Rt 66. 

“Those really laid the foundation for me to be able to create more events in the art show scene,” Martin said. 

“HEAVEN AND HELL” is the third of four events in 2022 that has Martin aiming to provide unique experiences at their own locations outside of his barbershop.” EROTIC” in February and “ROSES” in May preceded Friday’s event–a balance to our fates. Balance represented through art, music, food and fashion. Six musical acts are scheduled to perform along with six artists showcasing their work, and a chef for the event. 

“A night start to finish showcasing artists bringing different pieces of work that reflect the theme ‘HEAVEN AND HELL’ and what that means to them,” Martin said. “Not only the art being staged, but the performances early in the night having lighter music and ending the night with heavier performances [exemplifying Heaven and Hell]. And even [Chef Drew] will be serving Heaven, Purgatory and Hell themed plates.”

The curated lineup includes artists Bec’s Artistic Void, Angel and Lucas who Martin has collaborated with since the first “SHARPSIDE SUNDAYS.”

“Several of the artists involved were in the first art shows that were outside my barbershop and to me this next event personally is kind of a celebration of our growth as individuals, as well as a group,” Martin said. “Apart from me having worked with them In the past, I personally selected them because I believe their art would speak to the theme and I’m excited for everyone to see their work like they’ve never seen before.”

One of Becs Burroughs, Becs Artistic Void, was one of those Sundays outside the barbershop.

“It’s taken me a long time to get a good grasp on how I want to present my art and each ‘SHARPSIDE SUNDAY’ I get a little closer to finding my ‘niche’ within painting,” Burroughs said. “I also did not do any fashion at the beginning and now I’m sewing whole pieces from scratch which is fun!”

Along with those “SHARPSIDE SUNDAY” day-ones, there is talent mixed in that Martin has less experience, or no experience with yet, such as Trueson Daugherty. 

“This is Trueson’s first time working with Sharpside and is one of my favorite surprises about HEAVEN AND HELL,” Martin said. 

Keller will start the music at 7:30 with other artists continuing through midnight as DJ Nomad spins until the end. Guests are encouraged to channel their inner sinners or saints with their outfits.

Burroughs has been assisting with the curation of the event. 

“She has been working hard and will be bringing the aesthetics to a higher level than our past events,” Martin said. 

The additional creative involvement has been a great experience for Burroughs. 

“I loved getting to pick a few performers and artists that I think are beautifully talented,” Burroughs said. “I’ve always had my mind blown with the amount of talent in Tulsa and there’s many artists who deserve more recognition. It feels really good to know I can give them an opportunity of any kind. I also enjoy getting to help arrange the space and decorate to create an experience.”

For all the collaboration that has gone into the night, Martin is excited that each artist and performer will be getting a portion of the door cover charge and not solely exposure. 

Just as important as the lineup is for the event, so is the location. He’s proud to be collaborating with a mentor of his and Tulsa Artist Fellow, Kalup Linzy, who owns Queen Rose Art House. 

“Everyone getting a chance to truly get to experience the Queen Rose Art House [is what I’m looking forward to the most,” Martin said. “And for the guests to see how our artist fills the space.”

“From what I understand we’re the first show to utilize every aspect of the house and backyard,” Martin said. “Kalup has been working really hard these past 2 years to make the house happen. So being the first show [using the whole space] is really special to me.”

It’s all brewing at the perfect time. 

“I love that the event falls in October, close to Halloween,” Linzy said. ”I grew up religious and often think about the concepts of Heaven and Hell and all the debates surrounding them. Whether they be interpreted spiritually, physically, and/or metaphorically.”

Linzy, a video and performance artist originally from Florida, envisioned hosting events with local organizers, organizations and institutions when Queen Rose Art House was founded. An intention beneficial to him as an artist and his new community.

“As a visual artist, I often find myself in an isolated space, usually when I am writing, composing, and collaging,” Linzy said. ”The other side of that is producing, directing, and performing. The latter is collaboration and it takes me out of isolation, which is less lonely. I love the former, but I never believed it was healthy for an artist to spend all of their time alone in their head. I want the Queen Rose Art House to be a space for creatives to commune.” 

Queen Rose Art House has been exactly that for the artists collaborating to bring “HEAVEN AND HELL” to The Town. 

“I believe food, art, fashion and music are the foundation of culture,” Martin said. “I have always had extreme pride in being from Tulsa and being able to play a part in progressing culture in my city excites and inspires me.”

“HEAVEN AND HELL” Presented by Sharpside will be held at Queen Rose Art House on Oct. 14 starting at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 at the door. Queen Rose Art House is located at 843 N. Birmingham Pl., Tulsa, Okla.