Homies At It Again

E. and the homies are partying again on May 20. This time it's an entire damn creative festival.

Come Party With The Homies Festival will feature comedy, fashion, visual arts, an interactive exhibition, a circus tent and musical performance. Going from 6 p.m. - 2 a.m., more than 40 local artists are involved with the party.

“The idea behind the festival is to showcase local young artists and create an environment of authentic connection for the diverse entertainment scene that exists in Tulsa,” event planner and multimedia artist E. tells ASLUT. “This event will blend the communities I am so fond of between fans, fellow underground artists, mentors, family, party girls, local influencers, and people who enjoy art.”

E. believes in the importance of creating community among local artists. “So that is what I aim to do. I have built a support system of multifaceted artists, with genuine intention and the ability to create things that make the consumer feel.”

E. has been believing. E. could have had a solo art show on Nov. 4, 2022. Dj $ir Mike offered E. a space for it. Instead E. invited the homies.

And instead of a solo show, E. was joined by Chief, Xenobrat, Rah, Jo Saldivar, DDH and Jasi for Come Party With The Homies Art Show at OK #1. Cmyle clothing brand as a vendor and Dj $ir Mike on the 1’s and 2’s completed the loaded pop-up lineup.

Passing on the chance to step into the spotlight by herself allowed E. to lift other talented up-and-coming Tulsa artists with a Friday night that could have been all hers.

“I noticed some of my closest friends hadn't received the platform I believe their artistry deserved,” E. told ASLUT about how the show developed. “Since it's such a large space I asked if I could invite some people and he said of course! I called my friends and we made it shake!”

It was an artistic choice she didn’t have to doubt.

“I think having a platform and using it not only to elevate yourself, but to also uplift those around you, is so meaningful,” E. tells ASLUT. ”The creative community in Tulsa expands by connection and exposure, so I took the opportunity to help other artists how I've been helped.”

For an artist like Chief, whose photography had been featured in two previous shows, that November show was a chance to share his artistry in mediums he hadn’t yet publicly done in that way. The public reveal was still personal for him because of the nature of his process.

“Every piece must be inspired or else it has no real weight and there’s no incentive to complete the piece, complete the idea,” Chief said of his work.

With some of his completed ideas on display for friends and strangers alike, he also had a chance to connect with those curious about the inspiration behind what they were looking at. That night became a weighted experience.

“Since then I’ve made sure to actually create more, plan out more elaborate pieces and give more time to the visual art discipline,” Chief tells ASLUT.

Chief is among many of the original homies returning for the festival. The addition of numerous other talented homies will elevate the experience.

By the homies, for the homies and anyone else fortunate enough to come through, Come Party With The Homies Festival will be an original creative experience in a time when The Town’s dance card is rarely empty.

Don’t miss Come Party With The Homies Festival on May 20 at 65 N. Madison Ave. Tulsa, Ok. Tickets available at TicketStorm and follow E. and Chief on Instagram for all things CPWTH Festival. 

Volunteer with the homies: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_HBb7abdRpqXXJZEo2SEjt8Ae5UuNfl_hsz1Iaes5nJ6sTw/viewform