IAMSHABAKA and Waxtrak team up to give us hip-hop gold packaged under the name Shadowmoon. From the smooth boom-bap production to IAMSHABAKA’s high-energy bars, the track boasts credentials of a hip-hop masterpiece — a sound reminiscent of 90s hip-hop juggernauts like MF DOOM, The Alchemist, and Evidence. Surprisingly, the duo teamed up at the top of 2021, but you wouldn’t expect that after hearing their chemistry on the track and in-person. 

“It’s the music man, IAMSHABAKA is the first artist whose lyrical talent has aligned with the beats I’m trying to do,” says Luke Goodson of Waxtrak Productions. 

IAMSHABAKA spits straight heat and facts. The track is riddled with many references; you'll have to listen a few times to understand the depth of Shadowmoon’s message. 

“I wanted to tell a different story than one that’s taught about America,” IAMSHABAKA said. “Breaking down the foundation of slavery, and many other references were touched on to convey the message.” 

Though IAMSHABAKA spits aggressively, he does not curse, which is a feat in itself considering the current state of modesty in pop culture. He doesn’t want his message convoluted; he wants you to focus in on the artistry.  

“Hip-hop is an artform,” he said. “People tend to forget that, and I want to bring that to the forefront with the music we are creating.”  

IAMSHABAKA’s Shadowmoon is currently available on all streaming platforms and for purchase as an NFT.  You can follow him on Instagram @iamshabaka and Waxtrak @waxtrak_productions.