K.O. In The Meantime

by Adam Townsend

Photos from @fivish and @xaviermartin405

K.O. is back with her album In The Meantime. Released in February of 2021 and boasting 18 tracks at just under an hour, K.O. combines lush instrumentals reminiscent of early Drake and hard hitting bangers that could play in any club. 

Starting off strong with “Grind & Cry”, K.O. hops on a bouncy orchestral beat with a violin sample that resembles Young Thug & Gunna’s “Hot.” In the introduction to the album, K.O.’s lyrics explore themes of growth fueled by sadness, while understanding and stepping into her own greatness.


Immediately jumping into track two, “Save Me” is a fusion R&B trap song with fiery lyrics about the daily grind behind making and pursuing one’s dreams. Featuring Nayborhood Barbie, the beat borrows from cloudy trap instrumentals that were prevalent during the early 2010s, with distinctly modern flows and percussion. 

The next track, “No Cable,” features Dorian and a melancholy chord progression with lyrics thinking back to how she came up—wanting the newest and not being able to get it, and instead using imagination to dream big about what life could be. A peak into K.O’s inner life and struggles surrounding not having enough growing up, “No Cable” is a reminder of where she came from and how those circumstances molded her into who she is today. 

The next few tracks build on these established themes, where K.O celebrates hard work and determination to realize her goals. Track 5 “Million Dollar Bitch” flexes around a hard hitting, guttural and menacing instrumental where K.O’s wordplay really takes center stage. 

K.O’s In The Meantime is currently available on all streaming platforms. You can follow her on Instagram @sheisko.

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