Written by Parker D. Wayne


LEX, Alexis, Lexi, a.k.a. the future of indie pop... If you don’t already know this Tulsa-based singer/songwriter, NOW is your chance. Lex’s debut EP, "NOW," came out at the beginning of 2022, and she's been making waves in the scene ever since. The record is a coming-of-age piece that details LEX's personal self-journey—a young girl coming to realize who she is and what love looks like in young adult life.

LEX speaks candidly with us about this journey, saying, “NOW was an artist statement for who I am, and this next era is an exploration of who that is.”

"Manifesto," her latest single from this new era, is an honest anthem that breaks through the childish fantasies of her past loves. She came to the understanding that her ambition and drive were taking her places that her then-love life wasn't. LEX tells ASLUT that this song was a wake-up call:

"I wrote it immediately after my break-up and was processing everything that happened in the relationship through writing Manifesto.

She tells us the impact that local and national artists have had on this distorted bedroom pop master piece. “Working with STEMS,” an OKC-based indie grunge artist, “has sparked me to try out a new punky-er sound, and lyrically I was inspired by Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, and BENNE. I was super into BENEE’s album when I was writing.”

LEX has had faith in her music, and that faith was not misplaced. Since "NOW's" debut, she has played four times the shows she did the year prior, some of them including her debut Tulsa Creative Engines Select Showcase at Mercury Lounge, shows at Philbrook and Guthrie Green, and Tulsa’s Dream Land Festival.

It may surprise you that this talented act still gets stage fright. “I get really anxious when I play shows, but I love seeing people connect with the music," she says. For LEX, it's all about the connection between performer and audience: "I was really in my element at the Guthrie Green show. The people in the crowd, even those I didn’t know, were super interactive and engaged with the performance. Those are the best kind of shows for me.“

Lex tells ASLUT that she's getting ready for her next season of release. We, the Stans, can only wait in eager anticipation for the new stories she has to tell.

“Manifesto" will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, January 20, 2022. Keep up with LEX on Instagram @alexisonyango and Tik Tok @yesthisislex.

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