Modded Meetup No. 5

The Modded Meetup is one of Tulsa’s most fascinating intersections of car enthusiasts, art, fashion, cannabis and culture. The annual Modded Meetup is being put on for the 5th time by Rex's Remedies, Bluntz and Sherweedforest. 

You may know the names listed above me because of their hash or flower, but John Pierce tells ASLUT that he and the crew have had a longtime fascination with cars, “In 2018, I really wanted to throw a street car show. I’m super into Japanese cars and just wanted to have some cool modified cars roll through.” More than 200 cars showed up to the last meetup, but the scale of this Meetup No. 5 is unlike an event they’ve hosted before. 

This Modded Meetup will be hosted at the Gateway Event Center, the graffitied building downtown tucked beneath the highway near Archer and First Street. 

The space boasts three large parking lots where motorists can display their modded whips. The 3,500 square foot building will be full of your favorite artists and photographers Naomi Hernandez, Taylor Mae, Street Juice, Joxen, and No Parking Studios are among the many that will be on display. You can swing by the SOBO pop up and grab some looks too. And too many cannabis vendors to count.

The guys putting this event on really have a heart for Tulsa and it shows. “It's not just a car show at this point. We wanted to show and incorporate all our friends–our friends who are in the art scene, music scene, and in the food scene. I just don't think we have anything like that in Tulsa,” Dominic Baroni tells ASLUT. 

If this event doesn’t sound awesome enough let me sweeten the deal. You get an evening of DJ’s Sydney Lee and NOMAD. Graffiti and multimedia artist VNICE will be doing a live art exhibition on a 1996 Subaru. Danny’s Auto Salvage is providing a car for the Modded Meetup that spectators can smash with a sledge hammer. You can have your LEMONADE moment and not go to jail. 

You also have the chance to win an Audi A7 and $5,000 from sponsor Threaded Industries, so keep an eye out for their booth. 

The Modded Meetup will be held at the Gateway Event Center from 6p-late on Saturday September 10th. This event is free and open to the public.