Ozzy Ozzotic Shares New “16 Grams” Video

by Adam Townsend


Ozzy Ozzotic explodes onto the scene with a new video for his song “16 grams.” The single features a hard-hitting instrumental reminiscent of the early work of XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask The Slump God. The distortion and straightforward drum patterns serve as the perfect backdrop for Ozzy Ozzotic to flex his opulence and come up. On top of an atmospheric blend of ambient and trap, the video utilizes elaborate and exotic set pieces that add color and diversity. 

Ozzy Ozzotic raps while his blasé assurance and charisma seep from the mic. He presents a grandiose personality that leans into the party vibe of the track. This paired with a laid-back understated flow, the Sader-produced track combines elements of punk and trap to create a unique blend of west coast hip hop.           

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