Psychedelic Psalms

Tristan Wright tells a coming-of-age story through his psychedelic single Purpose. The groovy track puts the listener in a trance orchestrated by Wright himself. The musician guides listeners on an auditory acid trip with his heartfelt lyrics and dreamy synths.

Wright said he wants his music to “take you to a place you can’t get without music or drugs.”

The destination? Your feelings.

To the naked eye, Purpose appears to be a ballad that reflects on a love lost, but it’s much more than that. This track applies to all relationships and the pains of growing in different directions from people you love. Life hurts sometimes and Tristan Wright wants listeners to know it’s all a part of the process.

“Feel the emotions you feel,” he said. “That’s just a part of being a human being, but just know that hard times don’t last forever.”

Tristian Wright’s Purpose is currently available on all streaming platforms. You can follow him on Instagram @_kingofsweden_.