Rebekah Danae x A Creative House: Transform Your Artistic Journey in Los Angeles

Photography: Cooper Harrison 
Styling: Parker D. Wayne 


We caught up with multi-hyphenate artist Rebekah Danae and founder of A Creative House to chat about an incredible opportunity that could take your artistry to new heights. A Creative House, in collaboration with Donkey Bridge, is launching a pilot program that invites eight talented artists based in Tulsa to immerse themselves in the vibrant art scene of Los Angeles.

We asked Rebekah how this opportunity came to be and she told ASLUT: “Over the past year, I have been seeking out and applying to intentional residency programs to continue developing my work, as well as my global creative community. A close friend and colleague, Tim Phillips, put me onto the inaugural Donkey Bridge program based in Austin, TX and led by Steef Crombach. I wasn’t selected for the Austin program, but began to build a relationship with Steef and we had so many things in common— especially in how we were thinking about creating more opportunities for our local creative community in new markets. I told her I would love to develop a similar program for Tulsa-based artists, she was eager to partner, and I imagined it was a “distant future” reality.”

She goes on to tell us how, “a couple of short months later, a room became available in the current Donkey Bridge Los Angeles house and it felt like the realization of a concept that many Tulsa-based artists had been mulling over, dreaming of, and talking about had now fallen into my lap! I take the figurative “red lights” and “green lights” of life to heart— and this opportunity was a clear green light to bring the idea into reality.”

From January to November 2024, eight Tulsa-based artists will embark on a 5.5-week journey in the heart of Los Angeles. “My team discussed shorter and longer windows of time, and ultimately decided this window of 38 days is right for the pilot of the program and our current lease terms— enabling us to have 8 different artists join the house,  acclimate to the community, and deep dive into the creation of new work. The day each artist leaves their residency window, is the day the next artist arrives, allowing them to pass the figurative torch and welcome the next Tulsa artist to the space,” Rebekah Danae tells us.

This residency is not just about creating art. It's also about building connections, exploring new horizons, and expanding your artistic footprint beyond the borders of Oklahoma. However, there are some important facts to remember if you are applying:

How to Apply:

Applications are open from November 10 to December 10, 2023. Successful candidates will be notified by December 20, 2023, with details about their residency slot.

What's in Store for You:

  • Studio Space: The LA studio comprises three loft bedrooms and a spacious studio, fostering an environment ripe for creative exploration.
  • Amenities: Each selected artist will enjoy a private, fully-funded, and furnished loft bedroom, a shared studio workspace, and essential living facilities.
  • Financial Support: A $2,000 artist stipend is provided to cover art supplies, groceries, transportation, classes, and more.
  • Exhibition Opportunities: At the program's conclusion, participating artists will showcase their work in both LA and Tulsa, opening doors to the global art market.
  • Additional Benefits: While still in consideration, mental health and wellness support, along with potential part-time work opportunities in LA, may further enhance your experience.
  • Multidisciplinary Support: This opportunity is open to artists in visual arts, film, photography, curation, writing, dance, etc. At this time, it excludes artists with music as their main art form as the space is not set up to suit their needs. 


Residency Windows:

  • January 1 - February 7
  • February 7 - March 15
  • March 15 - April 21
  • April 21 - May 28
  • May 28 - July 4
  • July 4 - August 10
  • August 10 - September 16
  • September 16 - October 23

This residency is a great opportunity to enhance artist visibility and support the development of their skills. Rebekah shares how previous research trips and opportunities such as Armory in NYC, Art Basel in Miami, and Frieze in Los Angeles, have significantly influenced her artistry. In many ways, these experiences are essential for artists in "flyover states" like Oklahoma to stay current in their craft and remain inspired to create the next big thing. “We do a great job, as a community, of bringing people into our city. I believe in the power of bringing fresh voices and ideas into our community, and I also deeply believe in developing and pouring into the talent that has long chosen to be in Tulsa,” she tells ASLUT.

The A Creative House x Donkey Bridge LA Residency is a pilot program. The goal for Rebekah, Tulsa Creative Engine, and partnering entities is to have a successful launch based on the feedback and experience of the initial cohort. They believe that their ability to expand is closely tied to what they learn and achieve in the first year. With these community focused institutions spearheading the vision, we are confident this program will become a community staple that continues to uplift Tulsa voices.

“I aspire for this opportunity to have a robust long-term impact on the careers of each artist involved. I hope we look back on ACH x DB in 10 years and can see the fruit of this experience on the arch of our success, that the relationships we build along the way our mutually beneficial and long lasting, and that our Tulsa arts ecosystem - and the “Oklahoma Futurist” voice is known far beyond our state lines,” Rebekah Danae tells ASLUT. 

Visit the official A Creative House x Donley Bridge site to apply and discover how this unique residency could be the transformative experience your art has been waiting for!