Talking to Kaydxn you get the vibe early on that this guy is wise well beyond his years. But as we chatted in his backyard, I came to realize that his wisdom and his apparent drive to succeed in the music biz did not come cheap. .

 On his hustle early, Kaydxn told ASLUT that he found his knack for singing at school talent shows. Once he honed his ability, it was on to the American Idol TV stage. Garnering national attention, he went on to showcase his talents on the former social networking app, Vine. Kaydxn’s viral rendition of Chris Brown’s “Fine China” even caughtBrown’s attention, beginning an exchange between the two artists. It seemed as though nothing could stop this rising star, but few knew that behind the scenes this young talent was battling for his life.

“I’ve dealt with cystic fibrosis my whole life and so that was always a struggle,” Kaydxn said. “It kinda matures you and gives you a different perspective on life. When I realized I wanted to do this I knew I had to go all in.” Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary lung disease that causes a build-up of abnormally thick mucus that often results in respiratory infection.

“You’re always going back to the hospital every few months when you’re trying to do school or sports, it’s always a pain in the ass,” he shared. Luckily Kaydxn has found a miracle medication that has made his side effects subside substantially. With no physical limitations, Kaydxn is focused on his goal of stardom more than ever.

“I’ve been through the hardest shit and I’m ready. This is easy. This is fun,” Kaydxn said.

It takes a special person to turn lemons into lemonade, and Kaydxn created quite the quencher. With the adversity he faced he’s only gotten better, going farther than vocal work and exploring the world of sound production. This guy is unstoppable, but no matter how resilient, we all fall victim to the quarrels of love and the self-growth of our 20’s.

His new track “Rodeo,” takes these topics head-on. The track possesses the romantic qualities of a Spanish love song processed through a trap lens. In a hypnotic falsetto, Kaydxn sings the tale of a love lost and love found under the glamorous California sky. The track makes you feel like you’re strolling on Rodeo stunting on your ex (period)! This song has a replay quality to it and a Top-40 West Coast vibe. But what I found so interesting was the singer’s writing process.

Kaydxn said that the intro of the song was written in 2016, a voice memo stored away on his phone and brought to life on the 2021 track Rodeo. Kaydxn records phrases that come to him and if it’s not in use immediately it will be on an upcoming track.

“I pulled four different eras of my life together to build this song, these songs are parts of my old soul with the new me that has overcome,” he said.

He might be called the Pop-alchemist for the way he cooks up a track.

“All of these ideas are from my journals,” he said, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. “I do this because I love it and I just hope that people can see that. I want to represent Tulsa and help change the city.”

Follow Kaydxn on Instagram @kingkayden for more information and stream Rodeo and his latest track Mouth Feelings on all platforms.