Sleazy Made

Article by Allison Wenger

Genesse Turner has been making art most of her life, but Sleazy Peazy is still fairly new to the scene. 

Sleazy is Turner’s artistic persona. After going through a rough patch a couple years back, the artist rebranded herself to show the world that she survived those low places and became stronger because of it. 

Some of Sleazy’s work focuses on that darker side of human experience, illuminating the need for compassion and understanding. In spring of 2020, her paintings began to feature the “blob people”—a breed of skeleton creatures with little smiles and gelatinous bodies. The blob peoples’ delicate bodies are Sleazy’s way of reminding us that “the body is only some sack of goop we all carry around.” Their coy smiles represent positivity in the face of any and all situations. 

It’s that positivity that gives Sleazy’s work a unique mark. Her creative use of deep, saturated colors makes her work a celebration.  For her, representing the best parts of life are just as important as showcasing the worst moments. She finds that visual art can be the best way to represent those highs.

“Like the feeling you get when you trip or climax with a partner,” she said. “Because feelings are sometimes unexplainable with words.”

The limitations of words impact Sleazy’s work in another interesting way. When seeking inspiration for a new piece, an important part of her process is listening to music, which can “deepen the emotions,” connecting her with her subject matter in a way that comes through in her art. 

Genesse has always wanted to share her art with the world, selling handmade earrings as early as the fourth grade. She values accessibility; she wants as many people as possible to be able to own a piece of her art, so she puts her art on everyday items.

Her dream is to create her own brand, “Sleazy Made Apparel LLC.” She wants her art on t-shirts and other products. 

“Someone who may not be in the budget for a painting could still cop a shirt and have the piece of art to wear,” she said.

Sleazy also makes ashtrays and other smoking essentials so that her art can be relevant and impactful in the day-to-day lives of her customers. 

Sleazy can be reached on her instagram @sleazy.peazy for commissions—or just to keep up with her newest creations.