That’s Who U Are

On Wednesday night, Caleb debuted his track That’s Who U Are” on SoundCloud. Fans of the former Lukewarm leadman were hit with an airy trap single from his upcoming project. Some may find his new direction a topic of interest as he’s shifted from harrowing ballads to a more uplifting content.

“I’ve made really sad music before, a lot of heartbreak songs, and I realized that those have all manifested in my reality,” Caleb said. “With That’s Who U Are, I just wanted to sing some positivity in my life.”

And can you blame the guy? Living through pandemic and social upheaval has taken a toll on each of us. But Caleb wants us to remember that we are all love, light, and energy.

“When you’re feeling sad or angry, you’re disconnected from who you really are,” Caleb said. “But the important things is to remember who you are and that's what the song is all about"

Listen to That’s Who U Are at the link below: