The Sounds of a Year: Fansub and TCE present the SELECT Showcase Anniversary Show

In April 2022, Fansub partnered with Tulsa Creative Engine to set the stage for diverse local music lineups to shine with the first SELECT Showcase. A year later, the SELECT Showcase Anniversary Show will be at The Vanguard on Friday, April 14.

“When SELECT was initially ideatated on, we weren't sure how it was going to turn out,” said Michael Lombardi, Fansub's CMO. ”But right from the start, it picked up a head of steam from the community, and we haven't looked back.”

What started with four acts on the Mercury Lounge stage hasn’t stopped. The Tulsa showcase has featured more than 50 of the area's best known and up-and-coming musical acts. 

“[It’s] a monthly event that highlights eclectic, diverse artists while also enabling the community to not only discover rising artists, but support them,” Lombardi said. “[Fansub and Tulsa Creative Engine are] focused on being the hub and home for creatives of all genres; SELECT is just a representation of that.”

It’s even been taken across state lines for a satellite SELECT in Fayetteville, Ark. 

Fansub and TCE have created a consistently unique experience in a town rooted among blurred musical lines. Every lineup has provided a mix of artists and audiences that puts the potential of Tulsa music front and center. 

“SELECT is a showcase that highlights the power in discovery,” Lombardi said. “SELECT has been a vetting ground for so many other organizers, labels, and venues in helping them discover rising artists.”

Fansub and TCE are celebrating the past year of showcases with a remixed lineup of previous SELECT artists picked by the fans.

“The anniversary show is really a ‘thank you’ to the fans, community, and sponsors for their support in helping build this brand and support of the artists,” Lombardi said. “[We] wanted the community to have a say in the lineup.”

Heartwerk, Casii Stephan, Earl Hazard, and Lincka will perform, along with co-headliners Lex and Damion Shade & The Boom Bap. Doors open at 7 p.m. 

Tickets can be bought on Fansub for $11 or at the door for $15. 

For more details on the SELECT Showcase Anniversary and the Tulsa music scene, visit their Instagram accounts: @fansublive and @tulsacreativeengine.